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The end of the Plane

2008 May 25

After almost 3 years of operation, I am very glad to announce that this blog is officially closed! Glad? Yes, because this end is a beginning of many good things to come.

In short, I decided to get serious in blogging. To attain the customizing freedom I will need, there is no choice but to host my own WordPress. I also decided to start making separate blogs for each topic I’m interested in blogging. So, here are my new blogs (en means in English, id means in Indonesian):

  • Agronesia (en): The closest in spirit to be regarded as a continuation of this blog. Any random stuffs not fit for my more well-defined blogs will be posted there.
  • Agronesia:id (id): A subset of the English Agronesia in Bahasa Indonesia. It will contain only writings which I think will benefit my fellow Indonesians. And that doesn’t include my life.
  • Aguro (en): The blog for my Japanese language study progress, which will include articles and tutorials on learning Japanese language and its culture. Yes, the infamous word and kanji dumps will be here!
  • Yumeko (id): A subset of Aguro translated into Bahasa Indonesia. It will not be jumbled with stuffs about my personal study, so no posts like word dumps here. Just to rephrase: Daily articles of Japanese language and culture written in Bahasa Indonesia.
  • Midoria (en): A blog about my casual delving into plant taxonomy. Yeah, you heard it right.

Yea, it DOES hurt being split into many…

Any new blog announcement will still be posted here. I have also archived Singularity on the Plane outside of Lastly, thank you for the support all these years! Comments is disabled so in the rare chance of anyone wanting to comment, please visit the first ever post at Agronesia.