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Soul’d out

2007 March 10

Have you ever felt your “soul” being pulled from your body? I have… A couple of times, in fact, and they all happened when I was sleeping. Because I just experienced it some days ago, I’ll write about it.

Things started like usual. I decided to end my day and layed down on bed. While trying to sleep, I alternated between thinking random stuffs and reminding myself “If you keep thinking stuffs, you’ll never get to sleep. STOP THINKING NOW!”. After many minutes and countless of position change…

… (sleeping)

Then suddenly I regained my consciousness! I’m sure it was not a dream because I could vividly feel my body and the bed. However, I can’t say that I was 100% awake because obviously I was sleeping the instant before and I was still closing my eyes. (I couldn’t seem to open it!)

I was awoken because “I” was being pulled out of my body! It was very painful and frightening. Not to mention that a deafening noise resonated on me. Of course, I instinctly tried my best to resist the violence.

So, a pulling fight occured for some seconds. “I” oscillated between my physical self and the outer world. What I noticed is that the noise intensified as “I” became farther from my body.

Of course I was afraid about what will happen if I didn’t resist and just let myself being pulled. What if I couldn’t go back to my body? However, I also wanted to know what adventure awaits if I just let myself go. In the end, my cowardice defeated my curiosity (for the nth time). So I kept on resisting the pull… Eventually the pull abated and things became hazy…

…and then I was flying. Probably it’s more accurate to say “being bounced around”, because it was really hard to control myself. I bounced walls, going room to room, sometimes going outdoor. It felt like a really wild roller coaster. I almost couldn’t figure out which was up and which was down.

Has my soul gotten completely out of my body? No, I’m definitely sure this bouncing around is just a dream. While the previous stage felt really real, this experience felt completely contained in my mind. Even the places are imaginary, not on my room, not on my house. Gradually, my awareness became weaker and weaker and then I just forgot what happened next…

As I’ve said before, I’ve experienced this a couple of times. The first occurence is when I was in senior high school (I forget which grade). I still remember the event clearly. How could one not, for it is very real and painful.

Was I going to experience OBE? Will death be anything like that? Or was it all just a dream? Whatever it was, if one day I couldn’t wake up from my sleep (not dead, but in a coma), it is probably because I crossed the lines :).