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Indosiar melakukannya lagi: Virus SCA

2007 May 15

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Which would you choose? Learning a language in 1 day or 10 years?

2007 March 3

There are many random books here in Purwokerto, and some days ago I found two books with absurd titles.

First up is a book on my cousin’s bookcase: Bahasa JEPANG Hanya 1 Hari (Japanese in only 1 day) by Yan Tirtobisono. I was like “Heh!!!” when reading the title. I’ve learned this language on my spare time for around 2 years and still can’t do nothing :)… (well, yeah, probably because I’m not working hard enough)

The book’s 256 pages contain set phrases in roomaji without any grammar explanation. More like a travel pamphlet for me. I know that the Indonesian mentality is wanting results instantly without much effort, but, 1 day?!? Give me a break…

The other one is from my brother’s room: Korea dalam 10 x 365 hari (Korean in 10 x 365 days) by HS. Maru Lis. We all know that 10 x 365 days means 3650 days which means around 10 years!!! I was like “What the?!? This is a complete opposite of the other book!”.

I knew the author must meant something else, so I peeked at the contents. It turned out to be a 365-days lesson, with each lesson teaching 10 words. More like a dictionary for me. Anyway, the title is one of the most serious abuse of mathematical notation that I’ve encountered.

Fried Modem

2007 February 13

I’m now in Purwokerto. Will be here until an undetermined amount of time because I don’t take any classes this semester. Need to start working on the final project…

The cable modem got struck by lightning so I can’t browse the net from home. Other isteresting stuffs are the existence of a 12-stringed guitar (cousin’s) and a violin (brother’s friend’s). They have the potential to suck time because I enjoy messing around with musical instruments (though no good at any).

I’m tagging this post lavishly. Tagging is an awesome Web 2.0-ish feature that should be used to its full extent. Look, my blog is even featured on (screenshot) because of the sheer number of Japanese-tagged posts :).