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2007 June 18

Albert Einstein

After going far back in time with Aristotle, I hunted words from the article of a more recent thinker, Einstein (2007-04-05). I got 68 kanji and 257 words.

Here are 5 selected new words from the article:

  • 学術 (gakujutsu, science)
  • 特殊 (tokushu, special); this is the “toku” used in tokusatsu.
  • 相対 (soutai, relative); tokushu and soutai is used in 特殊相対性理論 (tokushu soutai-sei riron, special theory of relativity)
  • 爆弾 (bakudan, bomb)
  • 核兵器 (kakuheiki, nuclear weapon)

Here are the kanji:


And all the words: