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Bunting, HP Frenku itu…

2007 December 4

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No need to read this…

2007 February 28

I got a temporary modem to replace the fried one, but the situation is still unideal because the internet has been on and off. Worse, the connection was completely blacked out for the last 2 days.

So, I set out to go to a net cafe to blog stuffs. Of course I’ve prepared the stuffs on my flash disk so I could just copy-paste here.

But alas! After some seconds of browsing the flash disk, the contents just dissapeared from Windows Explorer. I tried plugging to another USB port and guess what?!? The contents are corrupted!!! (many files missing, file names using weird characters, etc…)

That why I hate technology with a passion… They simply don’t work! (oh, you DON’T want me to blog about how my mnemosyne data was corrupted by a UPS failure and I lose 3 days of work (thank God I have a backup)!!! Oh wait, I just blogged it…) Sometimes I think that life would be perfect if I was born a couple of centuries earlier, living as a farmer and not having to deal with the thing called computer…

Nuff ranting and whining. I’ll read some news and then go home…

Fried Modem

2007 February 13

I’m now in Purwokerto. Will be here until an undetermined amount of time because I don’t take any classes this semester. Need to start working on the final project…

The cable modem got struck by lightning so I can’t browse the net from home. Other isteresting stuffs are the existence of a 12-stringed guitar (cousin’s) and a violin (brother’s friend’s). They have the potential to suck time because I enjoy messing around with musical instruments (though no good at any).

I’m tagging this post lavishly. Tagging is an awesome Web 2.0-ish feature that should be used to its full extent. Look, my blog is even featured on (screenshot) because of the sheer number of Japanese-tagged posts :).