Damn, now I can’t invite just about anyone to Mixi!

Probably because of my previous post advertising free Mixi invites, the staff decided to take a measure!

Now to register as a new Mixi user, you need to enter that thing called “handphone mail address”. Simple, except that I don’t even know what it is. I have a handphone, and all I get with it is the “phone number”. You can’t let the field empty. You can’t fill it with a gmail or yahoo address either.

With some chittery-chat on 2ch irc (#japanese), I got someone to tell me that one valid such address is something@ezweb.ne.jp. I put a random “something”, and it did succeed.

Until I realized that other than confirming from your normal email, you need to confirm from that dreaded “handphone mail address”.

In the end, I only managed to invite 1 person to Mixi… He was lucky to sign up fast.

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5 Responses to “Damn, now I can’t invite just about anyone to Mixi!”

  1. Anton Says:


    I’m a Japanese language student currently in Japan, and if you can I’d really love an invite to Mixi. I have a cellphone and mail address so that should be a problem.

    Email is: anton.overhem at gmail.com

    Thank you in advance!

  2. eduardo Says:

    hi, im living in japan so i have a handphone

    could you invite me please


  3. memot Says:

    please invite me too!

  4. Kh Says:

    PLS INVITE ME (: it is still possible as long as you send out an invitation (u0900198@nus.edu.sg)

  5. arbonne review Says:

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