2,500 kanji and counting :)

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4 Responses to “2,500 kanji and counting :)”

  1. yang punya bramantyo.com Says:

    What the kind of brain do you have? My head can’t digest it, even just a hiragana or katagana, definitely… Anyway, I still believe that you have a bigger humanoid brain than us. Literally, I mean.. Gyahahahaha

    Btw, where are you now? Working? You told me before that you want to go to thailand…

  2. Agro Rachmatullah Says:

    No Bram, “All human being are born free and equal in brainpower, dignity, and rights”. It’s a fact that’s written in the first article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

    So, it’s just a matter of continued study and exposure. It’s actually somewhat a painful process for me, because as you know I’m quite a forgetful person :). Anyway, if you contemplate that you, and for argument’s sake everyone else, know the name of thousands of things in your native language, then it’s obvious that we all have the ability for languages :).

    Saiki aku nang Bandung, omahe eyangku. Kerjane dadi progremer C#/ASP.NET ning perusahaan sing jenenge Indosa. Aja kelingan, INDOSA, dudu indosaT. Nggonne cedak karo omah. Mengko wae Thailandne nek preyi.

  3. Carmen Says:

    Cool! I’d like to start studying Japanese soon. Right now I just use what I know from Chinese plus the alphabets without knowing any grammer to put things together. It works… well, not horribly, haha. Except when there is no Kanji or English words in Katakana, then I just don’t know what’s going on.

  4. Agro Rachmatullah Says:


    If you have a knowledge of Chinese characters that’ll be a great headstart :). The grammar of Japanese is radically different from Indonesian and English, which makes it difficult yet very fun for me. Good luck on your studies…

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