I’m on Mixi! こんにちはミクシィの利用者の皆さん。。。


Friendster. Everyone talks about it, everyone’s in it. However, I thought it was rather useless so I never bothered to make an account. Well, until one day my friend (Firdaus IIRC) pestered me or lets say, forced me to death. ‘It won’t do no harm’, or something like that. Obviously not with a grammatically-unsound (or so they say) construct such as the double negative.

So, to spice things up a bit, I decided to make it a pet social experiment. ‘Let’s see how many friends I can get if I just accept friend invitations…’, I thought. That means all my friends on my friendster list asked me to be friends first. Well, except for one, the almighty guitar kamisama, my high school mate, Andre (who can resist not adding him as a friend?). Right now I have 62 friends. Quite popular, I reckon.

But I jumped from my chair, unliterally, hearing a japanesepod101 podcast talking about Mixi, a friendster-like site but in Japanese. Naturally I was interested to join, as I’m currently a Nihongo student.

Mixi’s registration system is invitation-based, much like the beta gmail (right now gmail should be around version 3). They say that it would allow them ‘to create a comfortable place’, or to paraphrase it, ‘to make you suffer finding someone who owns a Mixi account’.

Getting someone to invite wasn’t that hard for me. Well, if you count several days as ‘not that hard’, that is. On the podcast, Peter and the gang told that one only need to ask them. So I visited the forum and appropriately posted on an already-existing ‘I want a Mixi account’ thread. But it’s a sticky thread so it’s always on the top which unfortunately made it less glaring if a new person posted there. n days passed without a reply.

I was sure I would get a reply by just directly mailing the staff or PMing people that gave mixi invites on that thread, but at that point I couldn’t wait longer and wanted a more real-time response. So I visited the place where one can easily encounter a random Nihonjin and chat with them, irc.2ch.net#japanese (and they actually speak English there if you’re still on your kanas)! a_a was kind enough to invite me, and long story short I’m now a Mixi citizen!

For me, the registration process was relatively easy to follow. The menus are also fully readable. However, the personal content, now that’s where the fun begins! I already found someone using a never-before-encountered non-ministry-approved kanji for eel 鰻 (unagi) on his ‘favorite food’ list.

If you need a Mixi invite, and can assure me that you’re not using it solely for the purpose of finding random Japanese girl pics, I’ll gladly confer it.

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140 Responses to “I’m on Mixi! こんにちはミクシィの利用者の皆さん。。。”

  1. yang punya bramantyo.com Says:

    Damn, that mixi’s website looks like an unreadable graffiti for me, gyahahahaha

  2. Agro Rachmatullah Says:


    You can actually enjoy it as a graffiti. Kanji is beautiful :).

  3. aziz Says:

    can I have the invitation?want to see kanji letter and of course japanese girls. Ha..ha..ha

  4. Agro Rachmatullah Says:


    Invitation en route 🙂

  5. Damn, now I can’t invite just about anyone to Mixi! « Singularity on the Plane Says:

    […] because of my previous post advertising free Mixi invites, the staff decided to take a […]

  6. neeraj Says:

    Please send me a mixi invitation.
    Many thanks in advance.

  7. Kerris Says:

    Please invite me to Mixi. My email is kerris@kittymail.com. Thanks soooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!

  8. Agro Rachmatullah Says:

    Sorry guys, it’s now useless even if I send you invitations because they need a Japanese handphone number for verification.

    See my post here.

  9. karthi Says:

    Please invite me to Mixi. My email is fly2karthi@gmail.com

  10. Karmi Says:

    I would like an invite to Mixi. I am working living and working in Japan and I think using Mixi will help me with my Japanese. I do have Japanese handphone number and email. My “regular” email is kchan69@live.com…my handset email is kchan69@ezweb.ne.jp

    Thank you in advance,

  11. Agro Rachmatullah Says:

    Sent to Karmi. For others that want invitations, confirm here first that you have a Japanese handphone number and mail…

  12. Andore Says:


    I work in Japan as an English teacher while trying to learn the language. I am a member of JapanesePop.101 an d try to get an invitation to Mixi but still have not recive it yet.

    So If you can invite me, I will be most oblige,


    Thank you,


  13. Agro Rachmatullah Says:

    Invitation sent to Andore’s mail address provided on the comment.

  14. Michael Clark Says:

    Can you send me an invite?



  15. Agro Rachmatullah Says:

    Sent to Michael Clark.

  16. dan Says:

    hi can i have an invite? thanks

  17. awangfaisal Says:

    please, send me mixi invitation …
    aku pengen gabung di mixi, kirim dong undangannya ke email ku awangfaisal@gmail.com

  18. Agro Rachmatullah Says:

    I’ll send the invitations.,..

  19. Matteo Martini Says:

    If you can send me an inivation, I would be very grateful: matteomartini72@yahoo.com

  20. Agro Rachmatullah Says:

    sent 🙂

  21. fais Says:

    Could you send me MIXI invitation ?

  22. mintflavored Says:

    I currently live in japan and possess a japanese cell phone with a valid japanese address.

    Unlike most who i believe just want to feed their obsession with all things japan or pick up girls, I’m here studying to become a translator.
    I try to use japanese in person as well as online, but myspace really isn’t good enough especially because it is popular with people who speak or want to learn english.

    I don’t want to post my cell phone address here so if it’s still possible for you to give invitations at all, please let me know by emailing me at chiisu321@gmail.com
    I will then be happy to give u my cell address.

    Thanks either way
    Best Regards,

  23. dribbleroar Says:

    hello can i have an invitation too?
    here’s my email


  24. Agro Rachmatullah Says:

    Invitation sent 🙂

  25. Anna Says:

    will be possible for you to invite me to your Mixi. I live in japan and have a cell phone please.

    thank you very much


  26. Agro Rachmatullah Says:

    It has been sent 🙂

  27. Yenchan Says:

    please invite me in mixi
    I really wanna join…
    my email is
    thankyou very much

  28. Agro Rachmatullah Says:


    Have fun 🙂

  29. Jin-ho Says:


    can I request a mixi invite..
    thank you ~!

    here’s my mail

  30. Agro Rachmatullah Says:

    sent 🙂

  31. mf Says:

    yey, nice article.
    I tihnk your situation was the same as mine is now.

    Can I kindly ask you also for a mixi invite? ^^

    Thank you!

  32. melissa Says:

    can you send me invitation?^__^

    e-maiL : melissagulsah@gmail.com

    thank you!

  33. Brii Says:


    Could you please send me an invite to Mixi. Thank you in advance!!

  34. elyse Says:

    please invite me as well ^^
    thank you so much!


  35. melissa Says:

    you sent me mixi invite but i don’t have japanese cell phone email adress.
    how can i find or sign up to japanese cell phone email adress.?

    please help!

    thank you! ^ _ ^

  36. Agro Rachmatullah Says:



    Short answer: you prolly have to buy a handphone/SIM card in Japan

  37. vaibhav gera Says:

    hey can you give me an invite, i am also a Japanese language student at HCL’s Japanese business program in Delhi… n i just got to know about mixi and i think it will really help me with my Japanese lessons…

  38. ella Says:

    hi guys, pls send me an invite, i want to try mixi . i have jp cp email add.

    my email : attagirl_shiela03@yahoo.com

    thnks in advance 😀

  39. Peter Says:

    I really need a mixi invite because I am trying to find serious Japanese Musicians who want to start a band in Japan.

  40. Agro Rachmatullah Says:

    sent… 🙂

  41. beniz Says:

    hi there, i need a mixi account, im in japan right now and have a mobile and email address in softbank,

    kindly send me an invitation. thanks in advance and more power!


  42. Ember Says:

    I don’t mean to be a bother, but I’d like to request an invitation too? Having been interested in Japanese music for more than a few years now, I’ve been looking around for someone that had an account, but none of my friends ever seemed to have one. So I decided to seriously look around and, before I knew it, I’d come across your blog entry. (That is what this is, is it not?)

    In any case, I’m not interested in looking up pictures of Japanese girls; I’ve just heard that it was a good way to possibly get in touch with artists (much better than Myspace).

    Please excuse my rambling.

  43. John M Says:

    Hi, wondering if I could get an invite? sho_21@hotmail.com

  44. frank Says:

    You must be getting a lot of requests for this, and yes, here comes another one.

    Would you be able to give me an invite to Mixi? I’ve lived in Japan for 6 years and have a phone here too. I’ve heard it’s a good way to improve Japanese in an interesting way, so it would be great if you could help me out.

    thanks so much if you can.

    (unfortunately often confused with sausages by the locals)

  45. frank Says:

    oops, didn’t leave my email



  46. なつみ Says:

    I am sorry to bother you ≧.≦
    I hope you can invite me ^^
    Yes,I have a japanese cellphone mail 🙂
    Hope you can invite me
    My email is >>> yabu_natsumi93@hotmail.co.jp

  47. littlekitty Says:

    Hi Agro-san,

    I am sorry to be another person who made this request, but I will be truly grateful if you can invite me to mixi.


    I can assure you that being a girl myself, I have no intention of looking for girls’ pics, nor guys’ pics…. I am just very curious what this hype is all about and hopefully I can find myself a nice “home” at mixi.

    Thank you very much for your generosity.

  48. littlekitty Says:

    Maaf ya, ini littlekitty lagi.
    Saya tidak tahu tadi bahwa gmail tidak diperbolehkan untuk dipakai mendaftar di mixi. Maaf.

    Tolong saya di invite di hoshi43215@yahoo.co.jp
    Saya punya keitai email di docomo.ne.jp
    Terimakasih banyak sekali lagi ya.

    Saya orang Indonesia yang sudah beberapa tahun tinggal di Tokyo.
    Salam kenal buat Agro!

  49. Jartsa Says:

    Hello~~ I know that u have got sooo many this kinda request alrdy… and u are probaply so busy. But I am at the moment in Japan, Asakusa. And I alrdy met so many nice ppl… And notced they have Mixi.. but i was too shy to ask for invitation or about mixi anyways. Is it possible to get one from you? I would apreciate it alot! ninjulih@hotmail.com


  50. Yuuya Says:

    Oh luckyyy!
    I’m looking to get a Mixi account to increase my Japanese skill and make friends so when I study abroad Spring 2010 I won’t be so lost.
    Could you be so kind as to send me an invitation?
    My email address is Chibi_Seme@hotmail.com
    Thanks so much!

  51. Heyber Says:


    I’m from Colombia and i want to try mixi. I studied japanese two years ago, and i’m interested in practicing japanese and meeting people from there. May you please send me an invitation? I’ll be very grateful.
    My e-mail is heybermolanos@mail.goo.ne.jp


  52. Ricky Says:

    Hi, my name is Rick and I live in California. I really want to learn and make more friends on Mixi, could you please send me a invite? Thank you so much~! my e-mail is ricky6698@gmail.com

  53. shai Says:

    i want an invitation mail pls…heavens_angel.0527@docomo.ne.jp


  54. qingfeng Says:

    qingfeng AT me.com

  55. nikz Says:

    Please invite me to mIxi.
    I’m Japanese and I’m softbank carrier.

    THANX a Bunch!

  56. Stein Says:

    Hello, trow the norwegians some invites!

    Stein@slempike.com ty 😉

  57. kiki Says:

    hey Could you send me the invite?
    I’m super interested in!!



  58. himan Says:

    Please send me a mixi invitation.
    Many thanks in advance.
    hi25man at hotmail .com

  59. ange Says:

    please inivite me ❤


    thank you so much

  60. galo Says:

    Can I get a invite please? gaki.kame@yahoo.com

  61. yuffie Says:

    plz invite me

  62. ama-su Says:

    Please invite me to mixi


  63. credits Says:

    Hey, I could really use an invite too ^__^ Just moved here and living in Okinawa, wanted to see how social networks work here!

  64. Khan Mohsin Says:


    i am damn looking forward to be a pard of Mixi but can’t get an invitation..
    boku ga mixi no invi ga iru n desu ne 😥

    mail address wa : mohsinkhan.1@hotmail.com
    mobile address wa : mohsinkhan@docomo.ne.jp

  65. Ross Beechi Says:


    I’d be delighted if someone invited me.



  66. david Says:


    Could someone please invite me,


  67. littlekitty Says:

    Hi people, please stop posting your email address here. Not only that you won’t get any response nor invited into mixi, you will start getting daily spams from scammers. You can email me at my email address in my post above with your email address, and I will invite you into mixi, but sorry I cannot reply to your emails.
    You will need a japanese cell phone number to get accepted by mixi.

  68. Angel Says:

    Can u please send me an invite natashia172000@yahoo.co.uk. thank you

  69. maya Says:

    hello,can you invite me too, to join mixi?thank you

  70. maya Says:


  71. julio Says:

    I’ve been trying to get an account for ages nowbut without any success. i would really apreciate if u could send me an invitation. I want to goin the community so i can actually learn some proper japanese, i think its a really cool language.

  72. Roxxie Says:

    I’d love a Mixi invite please – I got a bag of books from my Nan and one fo them is a ‘Simplified Japanese’ (phrase) book. I’ve glanced over Japanese before, due to my love of their culture, and of anime and manga. So I thought ‘Hmm, there’s a Chinese Facebook, is there a Japanese one?’

    I’m hoping to eventually be able to practice my (written to begin with) new language by puzzling my way about. I learn best thrown in the deep end, you know.

    Oh, and yeah, Japanese girls are cute. I’m aware that the culture is very different – on MySpace people pride themselves on having thousands of ‘friends’ who just randomly send a request and get accepted, but on Mixi this is not usually the case, is it? People are more restrained and private?

    Anyhow yes, please, if you could bring yourself to throw me an invite, I would greatly appreciate it. 🙂

  73. Lambert Says:

    Can I get a mixi invite? my japanese coworkers have betted me I couldn’t get invited for a week and its been about that long 😛 I would like to check the site out too! Thanks!

  74. stefan Says:

    please invite me too! soon i will go for one year to japan and would like to meet nice people living in my area!
    thanks a lot in advance 🙂

  75. Stan Says:

    Plz invite me

  76. Stan Says:

    Plz iinvite me

  77. Stan Says:

    Plz invite me stan7386@yahoo.com

  78. ニック Says:

    Anyone want to invite me? I know I’m like the 18 billionth person to ask for one, but I really want to get onto that site >.<

    bibarelroll@gmail.com is my email address.


  79. Cammy Says:

    yeah i would love to have a mixi account =)

  80. Aurelia M. Says:

    Hi, my name is Aurelia, I’m French, and i would know if you can send me a Mixi invite ? I can assure you that it’s not for fun. Thank you very muuuuuuuch !


    Merci 🙂

  81. ByakuyaGurrL Says:

    can u plz invite me as well.
    i am studying japanese right now and i am planning to visit japan soon. i think joining mixi will help me alot.
    if u dont mind plz invite me on gal_limboo@hotmail.com

  82. Maki Says:

    please invite me

  83. YuYu Says:

    Hi! Thank you sharing this. Can you please invite as well? Much is appreciated! ❤


  84. Hesperius Says:

    ^U^ can you please invite me as well?
    i’m learning japanese at the moment, and will be going on an exchange next year, so i will love to meet more japanese and understand the culture more before i go, thank you.


  85. D Says:

    hello there, i would love to have an mixi account, can you please invite as well?


  86. KiTA Says:

    May I ask for a Mixi invite? I’m learning Japanese in my spare time and would like to take a look. I attached my email to this post up in the “Mail” section. 😀

    Thank you very much!

  87. Jerome Says:

    I would appreciate if someone can send me an invitation to Mixi

    shic_paris [at] yahoo.co.jp

  88. simon Says:

    could you send me an invite, as im interested in japanese and dont lknwo anyone on the site.



  89. simon Says:


  90. David M Says:

    can you invite me plz my email is ltlazzy@gmail.com

  91. Pseudo-Akiba Says:

    May I have an invite please? It would be greatly appreciated, my e-mail is xiguang@rocketmail.com. Thank you very much! I’m studying Japanese in Nishi-Ogikubo Tokyo currently, and I hear it is a safe and fun website.

  92. Mike Swonger Says:

    I’ve been trying to find a invite to this site forever, I’m so interested in chinese culture, I’ve been trying to learn mandarin lately but GAH i get so confused.

    If you could send an invite that would be greatly appreciated.

  93. Eddie Says:

    Looking to make new friends on Mixi to practice Japanese.

    Please send Mixi invite to: bluedeyed@hotmail.com

  94. Tim Says:

    Please send mixi invite to synifficor@gmail.com

    Thnx (appreciated)

  95. Brandon Keao Says:

    Hi! I have been studying Japanese for some time and would love to be a part of the Mixi community to help my proficiency. Could you send me an invite as well? Brandon.Keao@gmail.com.


  96. Sho Says:

    Hey can you invite me?

    my email adress is boury@hotmail.co.jp


  97. Juan Says:

    hi ive seen some posts on the net suggesting that u can activate a mixi account without a cell phone email, as long as the address proves u live in Japan.
    my internet provider threw in an email account with the package so as u can see from the address it might just do the trick? think of it as an experiment xD
    if it works ill come back and post for other gaijins to know! 😀

    p.s. n if i wanted to check out japanese girls id just go to the street so im really not into mixi for that xD

  98. Jessica Says:

    Can I have a invite please, Ive been trying for days:(

  99. Amy Says:

    Could I request an invite pretty please (^^)
    Thank you so much~~!

  100. Dashaun Says:

    Could you please send me an invite PLEASE!!!! SUPER PLEASE!!!

    • Dashaun Says:


      • Dashaun Says:

        If you need me to give you another email please remind me. You might be alittle freaked out about me wanting to get a Mixi. I just really badly want one SO BADLY.

  101. Dashaun Says:

    try myemailrightnow@yahoo.co.jp INSTEAD, PRETTY PLEASE & THANK YOU OH SO VERY MUCH!!! Please understand the truth, the REAL reason why I want a mixi…I want it for the RIGHT reasons. (I have Myspace, Facebook, & Twitter, & I only use them for the RIGHT purposes).

  102. Spade Says:

    Hi, I’m a photographer in need of a profile at mixi for the japanese audience, hope you are still in the mood for sending out more mixi invites?

    Thanx and appreciates!

  103. Anita Says:

    Hi…can anyone plz send me an invitation for Mixi Account at my email- anita_gugnani@hotmail.com.

  104. anandaraj Says:

    Any one send me mixi invitation to this mail , k_anandaraj@hotmail.com

  105. monica Says:

    Hi, are you still giving mixi invites? If so, I’d like to have one please! I’d like to improve my Japanese ^o^. Btw, my e-mail is momomocha@livedoor.com
    Thanks in advance!

  106. chandrikapilli Says:

    plz..invite me.. lallu_pilli@yahoo.com

    thnx in advance 🙂

  107. kyuha Says:

    plz invite me bjurqys@live.com


  108. kyuha Says:

    invite plz



  109. callman Says:

    Plz invite me


    if you do, thanks so much!!!!

  110. Anuwat Says:

    I live in Yokohama now so I have my own cellphone (au).
    Please invite me
    Thank a lot!

  111. Miao Says:


    Plz invite me to try it,
    i’m studying Japanese now, this end of year i will go to japan for trip
    i want to practice more a bit, ありがとう!! (o^-‘o)b


  112. memot Says:

    hi, can u send me a mixi invite too?
    promise i won’t pick on japanese girl pics 😉
    please ^^


  113. Sato Go Says:

    Please send mixi invite to misakitchi_chiihiro@hotmail.com

    thank you 🙂

  114. Kh Says:

    Hello! I hope you could send me an invite plsy please! I so wanna join up with my friends on MIXI, heres my email (u0900198@nus.edu.sg) Hope to see your invite soon!

  115. 060315 Says:

    May I have one too? (ii060315-sns@yahoo.co.jp)

  116. Gabe Says:

    I found your post fascinating, and I have to say it has perked my interest in Mixi.
    If your offer still stands would you be willing to invite me to join?

    It would be greatly appreciated ^.^



  117. toto Says:

    Will somebody be a dear and send me an invite, and then let me use their cell phone to activate my account? thank youuu.


  118. Kyrier Says:

    hi hi 🙂

    send me an invite to mixi ya?


    heres my email yushh,


  119. Tomomi Says:

    can you invite me?

    my email adress is hoshina.chan@yahoo.com

    arigatou ^-^

  120. tk Says:

    Can you please invite me to mixi… tk0306(at) gmail(dot) com… thank you…
    Im Japanese living outside Japan… keitai mo hituyou nande syouka… hmmm komatta -_-;

  121. Yui Says:

    Am I late????

    Could you please invite me to Mixi too?
    I’m sure that I’m not finding japanese girls pic
    becuz I’m a Girl~



  122. Stevie Jayne Says:

    Please please invite me to Mixi if this is still active!
    I’m an exchange student trying desperately to improve my reading 😦

  123. louie Says:

    hey 🙂 can you send me an invite? thank you mp_roseus@yahoo.com

  124. Terry Says:

    please invite me to mixi i’ve been looking for piano sheet music that aren’t associated with mixi and its impossible! please and thank you chung_terry@hotmail.com

  125. puru puru rin Says:

    I would like to improve my Japanese too. Please can you invite me too? あたしのメールはpurupururinnn(at)gmail.comです。ありがとう!^.^

  126. Ed Says:

    I need an invite to keep in touch with my students while in suck in the United States. Could i get adn invite at dorobo18jp@yahoo.co.jp Thanks and Arigato

  127. bich_koy Says:

    please send me an mixi inviite.. actually ­want to study kanji ^^
    my e-mai: xinh_bich@hotmail.com
    arigatou gozaimass

  128. Damien Says:

    hi can i get a mixi invite? thanks 🙂


  129. BO3DYX Says:

    Hello! Can i get invite too, pleeeeeease?
    Thank you very very much!


  130. Condor Says:

    May I ask for a Mixi invite?
    ….i want to visit Japan someday, in the near future.

    Thank you very much!

  131. vagina odors Says:

    Helpful guide, thank you sir/ma’am. Bookmarked.

  132. quebec escorts Says:

    Some genuinely nice and useful information on this website , besides I believe the pattern holds superb features.

  133. rene Says:

    Please invite me to Mixi. My email is rene_rsl@hotmail.com

  134. HopeToGetAMIXI Says:

    Hello ^_^
    I would like a MIXI invite please…
    I am married to a lovely Japanese girl.
    We have been struggling to add my account… she has given up trying… Please if you could add me or just tell us how I will be really happy!!!!
    (We went to the invite page, put in my email acc. … I received an email… clicked the link… entered my details… then they ask me for a CELL NUMBER… so I put my wife’s… she is already on mixi… what to do now?
    MY EMAIL IS antonjaoannn@gmail.com (yes its just a temp email so I don`t mind posting it here)

  135. mmt Says:

    Please… invite me to Mixi. mail: aktrkmmt@gmail.com

  136. Louis Vuitton Shoes Says:

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