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Dump summary

2007 June 18

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Wikipedia Dump: Einstein

2007 June 18

Albert Einstein

After going far back in time with Aristotle, I hunted words from the article of a more recent thinker, Einstein (2007-04-05). I got 68 kanji and 257 words.

Here are 5 selected new words from the article:

  • 学術 (gakujutsu, science)
  • 特殊 (tokushu, special); this is the “toku” used in tokusatsu.
  • 相対 (soutai, relative); tokushu and soutai is used in 特殊相対性理論 (tokushu soutai-sei riron, special theory of relativity)
  • 爆弾 (bakudan, bomb)
  • 核兵器 (kakuheiki, nuclear weapon)

Here are the kanji:


And all the words:


Dump: kanjification

2007 June 18

Words that can be kanjified

At the beginning of my Japanese study, I memorize lots of words without bothering to learn their kanji. Now I am not afraid of enountering new kanji, so I gradually learn the kanji of those words.

I got 22 kanji:


And 86 words:


Dump: random and side effects

2007 June 18

Dice, signifying randomness

Random words and kanji are those that I randomly encounter, for example while watching a movie.

Side-effect words are dictionary words that I picked when learning a new kanji from another dump. For example, I encountered 激しい (hageshii, intense) while hunting from a song. 激 was a new kanji for me, and to know its on-reading I searched for some compounds in the dictionary. Those compounds, e.g. 激化 (gekika, intensification) are considered side-effect words because they are not in the original material.

It is also possible that I deliberately set out to memorize words or kanji from a particular source, but the amount is too small to warrant its own section.

For this time, the sources are, among others, TV shows (Utaban, Haromoni@, etc.), Shokotan’s blog (the so-called cat eater and hyper-productive blogger), and place names in Japan.

I gathered 94 kanji:


And 611 words…


Tutorial penggunaan SQLite dari .NET menggunakan bahasa C#

2007 June 11

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