McCune-Reischauer Converter

I like to use the McCune-Reischauer form of Korean Go players’ name because that’s what Sensei’s Library use for page titles. Therefore, it is “Yi Se-tol” not “Lee Sedol” and “Yi Ch’ang-ho” not “Lee Changho”. Unlike other romanizations, we can reconstruct the hangul correctly from its McC-R form.

It was a pain in the arm to write articles containing Korean Go player names because I had to repeatedly look at the reference and do lots of “find & replace”. Therefore I made a small tool to do that job:

$ mcrconverter --help
This program will change Korean Go player names in a file into
their McCune-Reischauer form.

mcrconverter [options] file:
    change the contents of a file
mcrconverter [options] folder:
    change the contents of SGF files in a folder

Options can be:
    also changes the file/folder name
    search for files inside subfolders recursively

Other than useful for writing articles, this tool can also be used to mass-rename the contents of an sgf file, and even the filename itself.

The source and executable are here (requires .NET Framework 2.0).

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