Windows reinstall gone awfully wrong etc

Windows reinstall gone awfully wrong – 11:00 PM 7/14/2006

On 11th I reinstalled Windows. As usual, the first step was to move important stuffs from drive C because I planned to reformat the drive. The things I copied, among others, was the Mnemosyne files (located on “C:\Documents and Settings\[user]\.mnemosyne”), my desktop (I actually didn’t show any icons on the desktop but I was too lazy to determine whether the files in it could be deleted), the YIC ladder code, and Moyo Go Studio (didn’t want to bring my hard disk to a friend that has a DVD drive to reinstall). For MGS, I also exported all related registry entries (just search for the term “moyo” and then intelligently pick the relevant ones).

Then I restarted the computer and booted into the SP2-slipstreamed Windows XP installation CD. Thing went fine up up to the partition list.

The setup asked for a partition to install Windows. I planned to use the first partition and reformat it before installing Windows. Since the partition is already formatted and I wasn’t sure wheter Windows will ask me to reformat it, I decided to delete the first partition (with the intention of later creating it and format it).

PS: It turns out that Windows will indeed ask to reformat an existing formatted partition. Therefore deleting and then recreating the partition is completely unnessesary.

When I then chose the empty space to install Windows, the setup said something along the lines of “Cannot create a partition because the maximum amount of partition has been reached”. The same message appeared when I explicitly pressed the button to create a partition on the empty space. Since I couldn’t continue the setup, I restarted the computer, hoping that this is just the installer’s stupidity and hoping that Ubuntu will be able to recreate the deleted partition. Of course an unexpected error on low level stuffs like this made me quite worried.

But the OS list didn’t appear. Instead I was greeted with a primitive GRUB console. Since I didn’t know GRUB, I tried booting into my shiny Dapper Desktop CD.

The CD booted fine but my NTFS and FAT32 partitions wasn’t listed on the desktop like last time. When I ran “gksudo gparted”, it displayed that my whole drive is unpartitioned! Hoping that gparted was wrong, I tried “fdisk -l /dev/hda” and it spat an error message along the lines of “Cannot access /dev/hda”. I was now really sure that all my data had been lost!

PS: It turns out that to do and fdisk you need administrative previledge. Try “sudo fdisk -l /dev/hda”

To do a final check, I rebooted back into the Windows installation CD. I was very relieved to see that my other partitions are still listed. So, there is hope that another Windows machine will be able to salvage my data.

I then went to Toni’s place. My partitions and the files inside are indeed readable. However Window’s disk management showed that my 80 GB hard disk became 100 GB!

My hard disk grows to 100 GB!

Creating a new partition can still not be done there. Partition magic even showed the same as Ubuntu’s gparted: my drive is unpartitioned. Using Toni’s drive as a transit for my data is impossible technically, so I went home…

To be continued…

Messy arithmetic – 8:32 PM 7/11/2006

For breakfast, I eat 3 loaves of bread. Nothing beats its cheap price and simplicity.

When I buy them, I try to find the one with the latest expiry date or equivalently the lastest production date. I went to Mirota Kampus today to replenish my stock, and I noticed that the bread produced at 9th expires at 13th. However the bread produced at 11th (+2 days) expires at 14th (+1 day). Bizzare.

4 Responses to “Windows reinstall gone awfully wrong etc”

  1. Prince PriyayiSae Says:

    Posting IGOX donk … tutorialnya

  2. templank Says:

    iya groo posting tips and trik main igo..

  3. Agro Rachmatullah Says:

    Tutorial Igo berbahasa Indonesia ada di: (tanpa iklan)

    atau (alamat mudah diingat, tapi muncul iklan)

    Kalau mau main Igo 9×9 lawan komputer download Igowin:

  4. Dapper or Edgy? « Singularity on the Plane Says:

    […] One of my plans after KKN is over is to install Ubuntu on my system. The previous one (Breezy) was wiped when my partition got messed up. […]

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