Another BOAB

Dying Windows – 10:12 PM 6/30/2006

My Windows installation is starting to choke badly. Some of the annoying things:

  • Disk management using GUI is awfully slow. This is using any file manager.
  • Closed programs remain on the process list (in other words, they’re still running.
  • Programs randomly eat 99% CPU cycle. When the program is terminated forcefully, other program foolishly assumed the CPU killing job.

I’ll probably reinstall after finishing the TK2 report.

Morning breeze – 6:51 AM 6/30/2006

The cold morning chills me to the bones. Is that why I fear it so much? I have not felt it for ages so that the pain is almost like an exciting thrill.

The SRT subtitle format – 9:38 PM 6/27/2006

Making a subtitle using the SRT format is very easy. The example below is self-explanatory:

00:00:02.849 --> 00:00:05.348
JUMP JUMP take offしようぜ!
JUMP JUMP take off shiyouze!

00:00:05.400 --> 00:00:08.321
tenshi no hane wo motteiru

00:00:08.309 --> 00:00:11.600
見上げれば 未来
miagereba mirai

00:00:11.750 --> 00:00:14.783
Boys & Girls! Be Ambitious!

Some things to note:

  • The file should be saved using the srt extension. Saving in UTF-8 works.
  • The time format MUST be HH:MM:SS.SSS. For example 00:00:1.2 won’t work (there must be 5 digits for the “seconds” part.

A fine media player that supports the SRT subtitle format is Media Player Classic. Just activate the “Load Subtitle…” menu item from the “File” menu.

IME not restricted to natural languages – 9:07 PM 6/27/2006

When I activate the Japanese IME, I can pop 私 by typing “watashi”. This works anywhere: From typing on a text editor to renaming files on Explorer. I often imagine how easy computing life would be when the use of IME is not restricted to languages.

Here are some examples:

  • Typing “date” would yield the current date, for example “2006-06-27”
  • Typing “time” would yield the current time, for example “21:12”
  • Typing an equation would yield the result, for example “=2*3” would yield “6”

If using an IME layer is overkill, a system wide shortcut key should be available to pop up stuffs that don’t require user input (like date and time)

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