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2006 June 27

Unconscious agreement – 9:14 PM 6/25/2006

Sometimes our brain assumes that something wrong is correct, and when no inconsistencies are found, that assumption will hold for a very very long time.

The database that SharpJiten use is named KANJIDIC (kanji dictionary). I don’t know how it began, but the class to store the data was incorrectly named EdictEntry (EDICT is a Japanese to English dictionary, quite different from a kanji dictionary). Since I assumed that EdictEntry is a correct name, the string edict was abound in the source code (for example the interface IEdictEntryFilter, and obviously many variable declarations). In fact, the word kanjidic only appeared when loading the KANJIDIC file.

The inconsistency was found when I was going to write about the nonexistent KanjidicEntry class for the report. Luckily Visual C# Express’ refactoring feature made changing names very easy. Just change the name in the definition (for example EdictEntry to KanjidicEntry), then click the refactoring icon that pops up, then choose “rename EdictEntry to KanjidicEntry”. The IDE will smartly rename all relevant strings.

Messy Go play – 8:38 PM 6/25/2006

My performance on KGS is very bad currently. After jumping to 10k?, 2 weeks of losing streak made me crash to 15k?. Can’t do a lot about it now, because I first need to finish my TK2 report.

Sizeprober – 10:27 PM 6/24/2006

My hard disk space is critical, so it’s time to delete junks. In doing this, I often need to know which file/folder is the largest in a folder. To solve this problem, I made a program called sizeprober. The syntax is:

sizeprober [folder]

Sizeprober will then display all files and folders in [folder] sorted by size. The size of a folder without subfolders is defined as the sum of the size of the files in it. The size of a folder with subfolders is defined as the sum of the size of the files in it plus the sum of the size of the folders in it.

The output still sucks but it’s functional. Here’s the first 4 lines of output of “sizeprober g:”:

ngerampok ||| Folder ||| 2756735507 
sifat shalat nabi ||| Folder ||| 672308471 
cd islam ||| Folder ||| 671341814 
FMA the Movie ||| Folder ||| 647416444

The meaning of temp – 10:02 PM 6/24/2006

Note to self: The temp folder is for putting files that can be deleted any time.

Telephone cable – Damn I forgot to add the date and time

My Bu Kos’ phone pad wasn’t working, so he asked me to install another telephone (which wasn’t new). Just because I’m a CS student, she thought that I could do telephone stuffs.

The telephone cable was wired permanently to the broken phone so there is no plug and play method. She then asked me to buy a phone jack (and later, jackholes) so that I can plug the cable to the other phone

I bought 1 cable (with jacks on its ends) and 2 jackholes (don’t have a better term). The plan was to make this kind of connection:

-------[ <-----------> ]T

< and > are the jacks, [ and ] are jackholes, —- is a cable, and T is a telephone.

Of course the other telephone already had a jackhole. The other jackhole I bought was for the broken phone which didn’t have it. In other words, it is for changing




The seller kindly told me that old cables internally have 2 wires while the jackholes I bought supported 4 wires, and that I would need to use only 2 of the available connections.

I connected the black cable to the red connection on the jackhole, and the white cable to the green connection on the jackhole. However the other phone’s sound turned out to not work. Thus the old phone was used, but with the new connection model.


2006 June 24

Transcend sucks? – 9:21 PM 6/23/2006

To transfer a large amount of files from SIC, I borrowed my friend's 1 GB flash disk. The brand is Transcend. Before going to SIC, I transfered all my friend's file to my HD so that I have a clear disk to use. However two files cannot be copied (the error message? I forget).

Running scandisk makes the file copyable but as expected, the file was corrupted (it was a compressed file). I then reformatted the drive. I didn't choose the quick format option, but the process was impossibly quick. I suspected that no bad sector checking was done. Then I tried to scandisk the drive with bad sector checking set, but the process also went lightning fast. Oh well… (bad sector checking not supported on USB drive? If so, why?)

Unsurprisingly, 1 file I copied from SIC couldn't be read (the error message was "device not ready"). The file can be deleted, though. The disk must have some bad sectors.

To locate the bad sectors, I made a program to fill the drive with 1 MB files. 976 files were written. I then moved the files to my hard disk to check whether the files were readable. However, to my dismay, all the files were movable!!! What is wrong then?!?

To make the conditions as similar as possible, I created the files in a folder named transfer (the previously failed file was also on folder transfer). I even unplugged the flash disk. Still, moving the files to the hard disk worked like a charm. Sigh…

Anyway, the name of the program is diskfiller and the syntax is:

diskfiller [folder]

Wrapping up the TK2 – 3:57 PM 6/22/2006

Now that the finals are cooling down (2 remaining), I can start working on my TK2 report. I'm now doing the easy part, translating the EDICT format documentation. The hard part will be documenting the program architecture and/or algorithm because I have forgotten most of it by now. Luckily some parts are quite heavily commented.

The newest version of 2xExplorer… – 7:45 PM 6/20/2006

… is the same as the version I have, which is Actually the development of 2xExplorer have ceased because the author is now developing its successor, explorer². The bad is that explorer² can only be freely used for 21 days :(.

Yes, another BOAB

2006 June 20

Self-service mail – 2:37 PM 6/20/2006

Usually packets are delivered right in front of our doors. However, yesterday a postman delivered a notice to take a package from Norge (probably Moyo Go Studio). I must go to Pleburan and pay Rp. 7000.

The official letter mentioned that it is for someone named "Agro Rachmatullah" which resides on "Sekip Flat B3", with the warning "Bila tidak sesuai panggilan harap membawa surat ket. domisili" (roughly, "if anything doesn't match please bring an official letter explaining so"). I figured that everything was fine (my name and the address are both correct).

Today I went to the post office with my motor-riding friend. To my dismay, the officer denied me because the address listed on my identity card doesn't match the address where I'm living now. He ordered me to get the signature and a copy of the identity card of someone permanently living on "Sekip Flat B3". So that's what the warning meant!

It shows how much an unclear wording can bring disaster. They should change it to something like "If the address on your identity card doesn't match the address written here, please bring a copy of the house owner's identity card and ask the house owner to write his/her signature on this paper". Wordy, but unambiguous.

Videofeedback – 2:34 PM 6/20/2006

In a holiday some time ago, I made a videofeedback with my brother Cadika. The images are unpublished and still resides on my hard drive. Because it takes so much space (around 300 MB), I plan to select some of the best, delete the others, and then put it online.

Explorer alternative – 12:07 AM 6/20/2006

Sometimes Windows Explorer can be as slow as hell. For example, when opening drive E, the folders inside will be listed instantly but the program stalls for some seconds because it is reading an "only-God-knows" information from the hard disk! Responsivity should be a file explorer's first priority! Sometimes I wonder, it's already year 2006 but a very basic program such as a file explorer can't even work properly!

A nice alternative is 2xExplorer. However the version I use is dated 2002. Need to find a newer version.

Notepad++ – 11:19 PM 6/19/2006

I'm now editing this BOAB using Notepad++. At last, a Windows text editor that supports both tabs and Unicode.

However, I'm having trouble launching an external application while giving the external application the file name without the extension. A use case:

Suppose I'm editing test.tex. To compile it into pdf, I need to run these series of commands:

latex test.tex
dvips test.dvi

For that purpose I could create a batch file. The only problem is that I need to pass to the batch file the name of the file I'm editing without the extension (in this case "test").

Need to ask the forum. If that problem is solved, I could ditch ConTEXT for good. A non-Unicode compatible program (in other words, a program that shouts "I only use latin alphabets so I don't care about people who use other characters like Arabic and Kanji") by all costs should be boycotted.

PS: To insert a date into Notepad++, the shortcut key is Ctrl+F5.

Update:  I've posted the question here:
Word dump – 10:59 AM 6/19/2006

See the different date format above? That is because I'm using good old Notepad. Eventhough this text editor has no advanced features, at least it supports Unicode which is needed in this BOAB.

This word dump is from もうひとつの夜明け by 高橋瞳.

Kanji Kana English
夜明け よあけ dawn
キャンディ candy
まっしろ pure white
すきとおる to be(come) transparent
あまい sweet
まぶしい dazzling
うつくしい beautiful
どこか somewhere
とける to dissolve
なつかしい missed
何時か いつか sometime
さがす to search (for something desired, needed)
見つかる みつかる to be found
つぶる to close the eyes
かくす to hide
さけび shout
後ろ うしろ back
ふりむける to turn
ほか other (esp. places and things)
うまく well
行き場 ゆきば destination
ふかい deep
しずむ to sink
くちびる lips
かみしめる to digest
しか only
すべ means
見つける みつける to come across
ながれる to be washed away
おそれる to fear
夢中 むちゅう daze
にぎりしめる to grasp tightly
ひら palm
ひらく to open (e.g., a bank-account, festival, etc.)
教える おしえる to inform
しまう to do something completely
答える こたえる to answer
ため in order to
もう直ぐ もうすぐ very soon

This word dump brings my word count to 1178 (unmerged).

Will try Notepad++ – 6/19/2006 10:55:27 AM

No Unicode support is a known issue on ConTEXT and this bug will probably be fixed on 1.0. However there is no indication that 1.0 will be out soon so I will try Notepad++ which is also a free software.

Jacoto is DEAD – 6/17/2006 9:53:35 PM

To my dismay, the last version of Jacoto is same as the the one on Go Power CD (1.2.15). This means that there is no development for the last 1 year!

Kombilo has not been updated for a year also (sadly!), but at least it's pretty usable. Jacoto's functionality is very minimal and its user friendliness is negative.

I actually planned to do a mini review of the latest Jacoto version, however it now seems to be like beating a dead horse. A review is meant to improve a product, so if a product isn't developed anymore than it is quite pointless to review it.

The usefulness of unmounting – 6/17/2006 9:45:21 PM

In Linux, we have to manually unmount a floppy disk (mounting in modern DEs is automatic). This may seem troublesome but it is actually very useful since we have a methodical way of telling the OS that nothing is in the drive.

In Windows, it often happens that a random program checks the floppy drive for something. When there is nothing in the floppy drive, it is very annoying since the noise is awful and some programs halt when checking it. Most irritating is when the program refuses to give up and unendingly checks it (I then need to kill the rogue process or feed it with a real disk).

This problem is practically nonexistant in Linux.

Backup of BOAB – 6/17/2006 9:43:10 PM

After I upload boab.txt, I'll rename it to boab-[date].txt where [date] is the date I've uploaded. This way, the new boab.txt will be uncluttered yet I can still access my old BOABs offline.

Yet another BOAB (any better naming scheme?)

2006 June 17

Compressing SGF files – 6/17/2006 4:51:01 PM

Tried compressing 523 SGF files using different methods (need to send it via email). The uncompressed size is 749 KB. Here’s the result:

WinZip 9.0 SR-1 normal: 360 KB
WinZip 9.0 SR-1 maximum (portable): 360 KB
WinZip 9.0 SR-1 maximum (enhanced deflate): 360 KB
7-Zip 4.42 normal (nonsolid): 269 KB
7-Zip 4.42 ultra (nonsolid): 269 KB
7-Zip 4.42 normal (solid): 140 KB
7-Zip 4.42 ultra (solid): 138 KB
WinRAR 3.42 maximum (nonsolid): 311 KB
WinRAR 3.42 maximum (solid): 136 KB

In a solid archive, all the files are treated as a continuous stream. It’s like tarring before compressing. WinZip only supports nonsolid archives.

In this particular case, WinRAR wins (2 KB less than 7-Zip). However I’ll choose 7-Zip because it’s free software :).

Searching in Kombilo – 6/17/2006 4:27:56 PM

Too bad that game info searching in Kombilo isn’t as powerful as SmartGo’s. In SmartGo, we can use both AND and OR for searching, while in Kombilo only AND mode is supported.

SGF in Explorer – 6/17/2006 4:19:17 PM

If details of an audio file can be shown in the Explorer shell (length, bit rate, etc), why not for SGF files?

Jacoto – 6/17/2006 4:18:36 PM

Tried Jacoto, a tool for managing lots of SGF files. What I tried was a very old version from Go Power CD and I’m really not impressed (a review is worthless since it is a very very old version). I’ll try downloading the newest version.

Exporting SGF using Kombilo – 6/17/2006 4:03:43 PM

My friend asked me to send him all of my Old Meijin kifu. Not a straighforward task since the requested kifu is not isolated on a folder.

Luckily separating the Old Meijin SGF using Kombilo is very easy. First, filter the game collection using Kombilo (position search, player name search, event search, anything you want). Then use “File” – “Copy current SGF files to folder” to copy all the SGF in the game list. What sucks is that we cannot create a new folder from the “Browse for Folder” dialog and the dialog doesn’t remember the last folder used.

GTK# for .NET not working out of the box – 6/16/2006 10:43:50 PM

To try running SharpJiten with .NET, I downloaded and installed GTK# for .NET. However running it yields:

Unhandled Exception: System.DllNotFoundException: Unable to load DLL ‘gtksharpglue’: The specified procedure could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007F)

Need to ask the GTK# mailing list.

Offline boab – 6/16/2006 2:40:05 PM

realized now that I should have an offline copy of my BOAB. Afterall, they describe stuffs I’ve done or found. With the BOAB available, I don’t have to reinvent the wheel.
Right now I need the search keys for the Old Meijin but I can’t access it because I’ve uploaded the BOAB.

6 diagrams per pages – 6/16/2006 8:54:53 AM

I usually print pro game records using the format of 50 moves per diagram and 4 diagrams per sheet. The white numbers on the black stones are barely visible when the move count is 3 digits, so I am sceptical that the diagrams will be readable if I use 6 diagrams per sheet.

However I saw my friend print 6 diagrams per sheet nicely. I also tried it, and to increase readability I disabled coordinates (larger diagrams) and increased the printing quality (from normal to best). The result turned out to be very readable, even more readable than my previous printings (proabably attributed to the higher print quality).

Power failure! – 6/15/2006 9:11:36 AM

Yesterday, when I was playing a video file halfway through, I noticed that the framerate got jittery. When I couldn’t stand it anymore I took my earphone off and to my surprise, the PC speaker was actually emitting a constant noise. Noticing that something was wrong, I ordered Windows to shut down. In the process of shutting down, the constant noise changed into a sirene noise and the computer instantly went off.

There could only be one explanation: heat. I touched the CPU heatsink and unsurprisingly it is as hot as a heated frying pan! Did the CPU fan fail?

After waiting the heatsink to cool down, I turned the computer back on. With a flashlight I checked the CPU fan and it was working properly. Weird.

This morning, when Windows just booted, the motherboard made same constant noise. I checked the CPU fan and it wasn’t spinning!

I quickly unplugged the computer and checked all cables powering the fan. The culprit was found: a power cable has one of its pin displaced down so it didn’t touch its female counterpart. Correcting it was easy and after that things went fine.

Athlon XP doesn’t have a heat spreader, so if not for my motherboard’s “emergency off” feature it would have been fried. Newer AMD processors such as Athlon 64 are equipped with a heat spreader, so eventhough the fan fails the CPU would continue to run fine (albeit at a much lower performance).

Another BOAB

2006 June 13

Lazy programmer – 6/12/2006 10:44:41 PM

Once I saw an upperclassman editing a very large text file. It turned out that he was removing unwanted lines. The unwanted lines had a clearly defined pattern, but instead of making a program to remove it, he scanned the lines one by one.

He could program, but didn't use his programming skill. Sure, we don't need to make a program for every imaginable trivial task. However the text file which he edited was so large that the benefit of making the program would clearly outweight the cost of making it. A lazy programmer is not a programmer.

There are lots of small disposable programs on my disk. Some examples are:

  • A program to append a string to all file names on a folder (I once needed to rename hundreds of file)
  • A program to modify each line of a text file in various ways in which new modifiers can be easily added (the need to manipulate strings in a text per line happens really often)
  • A program to correct broken links created by a stupid program called WebCopier

That is because when I am faced with a repetitive task which can easily be programmed, I don't hesitate to make the program. I'm a strong believer that uncreative jobs are better left to machines, while humans better spend their time for creative endeavours.

SharpJiten 1.0 RC – 6/12/2006 10:12:01 PM

The program is essentially complete. On the screenshot you can see SharpJiten set to synchronize itself with the clipboard and additionaly only displays grade 1-3 kanji. When a bunch of kanji is copied from a Wikipedia article, the program updates itself and displays the relevant kanji.

What remains is tyding the code (throwing unused commented code, for example) and modifying the program to use an internal (embedded) EDICT instead of a separate EDICT file. Oh, and some days of bug testing to make sure that nothing silly happens.

SharpJiten is a memory hog – 6/12/2006 8:42:02 PM

SharpJiten is the name of the kanji dictionary program I'm building.

On the previous build, SharpJiten only loads some essential kanji info from EDICT. Those fields are the kanji itself in Unicode, (Japanese) readings, English meaning, stroke count, and grade info. This results on a memory footprint of around 26 MB.

However, EDICT has additional fields, more than what you can imagine. Some examples are SKIP code, various printed dictionaries' index, and Korean reading. When all fields are loaded, the memory footprint blows to 40 MB. As a comparison, Wakan requires around 37 MB and JquickTrans 14 MB. The memory usage of JquickTrans is amazing, considering that it is both a kanji and word dictionary.

The EDICT specification specifically states that any fields can be added at a later specification. SharpJiten will have a custom filter in which the user can specify arbitrary field to filter. This makes SharpJiten forward compatible with future versions of EDICT.

About the memory usage, I won't fuss over it. Deadline is approaching (when is it anyway?) and my priority is to have the program working. The only feature not implemented is the arbitrary field filter thing.

Yomiuri Meijin – 6/12/2006 5:38:01 PM

The Meijin is historically a title for the strongest Go player on Japan. Then the title was transformed into a prestigious tournament sponsored by Yomiuri Shimbun. The sponsorship was later took by Asahi Shimbun.

I have quite a lot of games from the old (Yomiuri) Meijin tournament. Here's the search result on the event tag:

Meijin (Yomiuri): 412
Old Meijin: 101

But of course there are some inapproriately/ambigously labeled SGFs:
9th meijin 1970: 2
meijin (yomirui): 1
meijin (yomuri): 1
1st meijin 1962 league: 3
4th meijin title match: 2
9th meijin 1970: 2
5th meijin title match: 1

Those labels are found by searching for "mejin" with the date 1962-1975.

So the total is at least 525.

Update: The total is not 525 but 523. Try to spot a mistake on the above BOAB.

sgf2tex – 6/12/2006 1:40:17 PM

I'm currently adopting Minue622's tutorial on Haeng-ma to Indonesian. While going to add a pro game example which is lacking in the discussion about iron pillar, I thought it was going to be really painful entering the move coordinates one by one to LaTeX. Therefore I created sgf2tex:

Here's a sample output:


The annoying thing is that the SGF format uses a different coordinate system than what most Go players (including client) are used to. Conventionally, the rows are numbered, starting from the bottom, 1 to 19 while the columns are labeled, from left to right, a to t. The letter i is ommited to avoid the confusion between capital i (I) and lower case l (as is "lamp"). Compare I to l and you will see that it really looks similar. The SGF format labels the rows from the top and using letters from a to s. The columns are labeled from left to right using letters a to s.

pdflatex bug – 6/12/2006 1:28:19 PM

Creating Go diagrams using the igo.sty LaTeX package and then compiling the pdf using pdflatex produces wriggly lines:

This is probably a bug on the very old pdflatex that I use, so I tried the more orthodox and roundabout method.

The first is to create the dvi using latex, then create the ps using dvips, the finally creating the pdf using ps2pdf. To my dismay, wriggly lines still exist!

You can see that the lines near the left egde are wriggly.

What works well is converting the ps to pdf using GSView:

Indexing is slow – 6/11/2006 1:29:01 AM

Extracted the 40 thousands or so games from MGS's web site. Then added those games into Kombilo. The whole indexing process took almost 2 hours on my supposedly-powerful 1.9 GHz processor!

Anyway, I did a search on games involving a historical Meijin. Here are the Meijins (from first to last) and the number of games in my new database:

Honinbo Sansa – 0 (the number of games in my old database is 0)
Inoue Nakamura Doseki – 9 (0)
Yasui Sanchi – 126 (8)
Honinbo Dosaku – 61 (37)
Inoue Dosetsu Inseki – 15 (0)
Honinbo Dochi – 25 (0)
Honinbo Satsugen – 13 (0)
Honinbo Jowa – 64 (0)
Honinbo Shuei – 227 (0)
Honinbo Shusai – 499 (3)

The new database is clearly superb!!!

The number of games on my old database is only around 7 thousands. An interesting obersvation is that searching for sanrensei on both databases takes the same amount of time (1.8 seconds).

Mnemosyne 0.9.4 – 6/10/2006 9:31:34 PM

Mnemosyne is a flash card program. You give it a set of question and answers, and the program will schedule those questions for you. In other words, it manages the process of memorizing lots of items. It is a must for anyone learning a natural language (English, Japanese, Arabic, etc) where thousands of items (vocabulary) must be memorized.

I replaced my aging 0.9.2 with 0.9.4. Nothing spectacular, just bug fixes for things that don't affect me. For the upgrade process, I backed up the .mnemosyne folder (Windows Explorer won't let you create files/folder starting with a dot btw), exported my 0.9.2 Mnemosyne data to an XML file, uninstalled 0.9.2, installed 0.9.4, and finally exported the XML file. Everything went smooth.

Deletion of the contents of boab.txt – 6/10/2006 9:28:13 PM

On my hard disk, a BOAB is stored on the file boab.txt. I will then bring the text file when I surf the net and post the contents to my blog. I've decided that after I post it, I'll empty the contents of boab.txt on my harddisk.

It would be great if my offline BOAB is stored on a wiki. The full history of the file will then be available. I'll try to install MoinMoin Wiki later on Dapper (MoinMoin Wiki is the wiki engine used for Ubuntu's wiki; Wikipedia uses MediaWiki).


2006 June 10

Don't know what a BOAB is? Read the last entry on this entry (hint, hint).

The numbering of free software projects – 6/9/2006 10:56:57 PM

I always thought version numbers as a decimal number. For example, 5.1 is less than 5.11 which is less than 5.2. So, if those 3 numbers are software versions, the idea that sprang on my mind is "5.1 is released first, then 5.11, then 5.2".

Of course I was shocked to know that free software projects (GNOME, Linux kernel, etc) don't think it that way. They reasoned that 1 is less than 2 whin is less than 11, so 5.1 comes before 5.2 which comes before 5.11.

Now, after getting used to the free software universe, I have come to like it more than my previous preference. You just need to change your point of view. Think of a book and think of the number before the dot as the chapter number while the number after the dot as a section number. For example:

"5.1" is analogous to "chapter 5 section 1"
"5.2" is analogous to "chapter 5 section 2"
"5.11" is analogous to "chapter 5 section 11"

Thinking that way, the sorting will make sense. When multiple dots are present (as in x.y.z.w), think about subsections and subsubsections.

You won't feel nervous again thinking that GNOME 2.12 is newer than GNOME 2.2.

My next computer stats – 6/9/2006 10:32:03 PM

RAM: At least 1GB (currently 512 MB). My current RAM is very insufficient, since on a normal session I open some IDEs (Visual Studio 2005 Express, SharpDevelop 1.1), some SDK documentations (.NET SDK Documentation, Monodoc), a media player, Firefox (browsers can be a crazy memory hog), dictionaries (English, Japanese), and still other programs (Go client, Go database, file explorer, image editor, etc). At this very moment, task manager indicates that 693 MB of memory is used. 512 MB isn't enough, Q.E.D.

Processor: AMD dual-core processor (currently AMD single-core). Programs are starting to get multithreaded, and it's thrilling to experience the speedup on a hardware that can actually run 2 threads at the same time. I'm especially watchful to the development of the multithreaded Go program Moyo Go Studio. Why AMD? Well, why Intel?

Hard disk: RAID 0 configuration (currently no RAID). Who likes to be bottlenecked by that sluggish piece of hardware? Oh, and the capacity should be at least 200 GB (2 x 100 GB).

Video Card: NVIDIA (currently NVIDIA). ATI is notorious for its bad driver support on Linux.

Monitor: LCD which supports 1280×1024 and at least 17 inch (currently CRT, 1024×768, probably 14 inch). My eye is tortured by looking at the monitor n hours a day. Switching from CRT to LCD should ease the pain. A larger resolutin support is needed because complex programs like IDE and Go database client has panels everywhere. A small resolution leaves an uncomfortably small space for the main panel. 17 inch is needed so that things at a large resolution won't look tiny (should be irrelevant on a vector graphic era).

Fan: A silent but powerful fan (currently noisy). The sound pollution emitted from my fan is unbearable. A computer is not a Harley. Noisy is not cool (pun intended).

Writer: DVD writer (currently CD Writer). DVD-Rs (the media) are insanely cheap right now. IIRC, with Rp. 4k you can get 4 GB storage. The perfect solution to backup trashes.

A powerful editor lacking 1 feature – 6/9/2006 10:23:24 PM

ConTEXT (why the crazy capitalization?) is my text editor of choice on Windows. It supports tabs, syntax highlighting, and most importantly user-defined actions. User-defined actions means that we can bind some keys (for example F9) to a shell command (for example to compile the file). This makes ConTEXT effectively a bare IDE for any task you can imagine.However, ConTEXT doesn't support Unicode. Yes, typing "watashi" on the IME yields ‚킽‚µ (hiragana) or Ž„ (kanji) on ConTEXT. That is pretty dumb, considering that it's now on 2006 and the idea of i18n (internationalization: i-(18 middle characters)-n) isn't anything new. I'll file a bug report on it.

BOAB: a neology – 6/9/2006 10:18:57 PM

BOAB stands for "blog on a blog", and this entry is an example of a BOAB. The idea is to blog anything interesting directly at home, and then uploading all offline blogs on 1 online blog entry. Since an offline blog entries will be a part of 1 online blog entry, it is a blog on a blog or BOAB.

The acronym BOAB doesn't come out of thin air. See FOAF.


2006 June 6

As an anchor player in YIC, I need to keep my rank up to date. My previous attempt to achieve this by playing on the net everyday costs a lot of money. Therefore now I'm limiting my net play to 1 day a week, which is on Sunday.

After 2 weeks, my rank is now 14k?

Blogging resumed

2006 June 3

I haven’t been blogging for quite some time. That’s mostly because assignments were piling like hell.

Here’s the latest changelog…

I’ve extracted words from two songs. The first is もっとふたりで by ユンナ:

Kanji Kana English
ただ usual
うつむく to hang one’s head in shame
ばかり nothing but
一歩 いっぽ (a) step
いっしょ together
つなぐ to connect
むかい facing
はなさく to bloom
立ち止まる たちどまる to stop
わかれ parting
なんど how many times?
さよなら good-bye
たび times (three times, each time, etc.)
やっと at last
気づく きづく to realize
思い出 おもいで memories
だいじ important
のこる to remain
おく interior
きっと severely
ほら look!
ながれる to flow (liquid, time, etc.)
おとずれる to visit
ふる to shake
ずつ at a time

The other one is My Answer by 高橋瞳:

Kanji Kana English
通る とおる to pass (by)
すぎる to pass
ふきぬける to blow through
ごろ time
なれる to grow accustomed to
かかえる to hold or carry under or in the arms
切れる きれる to have a sharp mind
くらい almost
明かす あかす to spend
はなれる to be separated from
くれる to give, to be given
数える かぞえる to count
まっすぐ straight (ahead)
何時でも いつでも always
など and the like
にがい bitter
なぜ why
あきらめる to give up
気がつく きがつく to realize
ふりむく to turn around
ほほえむ to smile
にじ rainbow
見つける みつける to find (e.g., something missing)
ために for the sake of

And now the word count is up to 1139.

This is an uncondesed count, which means that some entry can be merged. An example is:

すぎる: to exceed (added a long time ago)
すぎる: to pass (recently added)

which can be merged to:

すぎる: to exceed, to pass

Merging will be done at an undetermined time in the future.

My Go study is currently neglected because of the assignments and because the deadline for TK2 is getting closer. There have been some progress in the TK2. The program can already filter characters based on a character filter, Jouyou grade, and stroke count. I’m now implementing a transliterator which is needed to filter based on the sound of the kanji.