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My father’s computer’s problem

2006 January 23

It turns out to be a faulty memory module. The memtest included with Ubuntu really helps.

It seems that memory module breaks a lot. Thankfully they’ve got lifetime warranties 🙂

Understanding the Way of the Pro

2006 January 21

People liken go to a language. In fact, one of the metaphorical names of go is “hand talk”. Viewed this way, a game of go is like a heated, lively debate. Moves function as argument and counter-argument.

Children learn language by observing how others talk and interact. They first start by muttering gibberish, unintelligible, voice, but soon become proficient in it.

No wonder, playing over pro games is one of the recommended activities to improve at go. It is just like a baby listening others talk. Unconciously, you will make good moves naturally.

Currently I have the first 50 moves of 2 pro games on my memory. They are Kato Masao (W) vs. Otake Hideo (B) (1976, 5.5 komi, W+1.5) and Yamashita Keigo (W) vs. Cho Chikun (B) (2004, 6.5 komi, B+2.5). I memorize only the first 50 moves because I want to become more proficient at the opening. Opening is one of the most mystical parts of the game for me.

Another game that I’m going to memorize is Kobayashi Izumi vs. Umezawa Yukari. A girl fight, but a really fierce one… I’m also planning to memorize pro high handicap games since I usually play those types of games on YIC.

In Purwokerto

2006 January 21

I am now in Purwokerto. Yesterday’s journey was by “travel” and it took a painful 7 hours. My head is still quite dizzy right now.

My cousin’s computer was infected by the infamous Brontok worm. It is a worm made by a guy from TE ITB that had infected my brother’s, sister’s, friends’, and cousin’s computer. It spread from Bandung to as far as Purwokerto and Yogyakarta. Removing it was trivial but boring (see

One of my father’s computer won’t boot but I’m too lazy to fix it now…

The 15k journey continues

2006 January 16

With only 1 test remaining, I can practically say that the test period is over. This will be celebrated by my return to kgs tonight. I plan to meet alps, a long time YIC member that was absent for quite some time…

YIC Ladder online!

2006 January 15

The ladder can now be accessed from

It was quite a tough work modifying the ladder. Phew, one less thing to worry about.

Only 2 tests remain, visual programming and visual programming (lab). After that I can start studying go and Japanese again :).

YIC Ladder

2006 January 10

After the Durham Go Club Ladder was bootstrapped on my box by Mas Erik, I started to tinker with it. I used the PHP wikibook for a quick and dirty introduction to the programming language used by the code.

Here’s what the ladder looks like now (click for a larger version):

YIC Ladder

I still need to make some php files working (the original code uses pgsql but I need to modify it to work with mysql).