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2005 December 27

I’m now reading Prograph’s turorial. I’ll probably finish it by tomorrow and continue with studying Prograph’s file I/O and database access. Yes, file I/O and database is going to be in the test. I think that’s quite sick, a course about a programming language should only concern about making algorithms with that language, not about mundane stuffs like file I/O.

Oh, and I should make a figure about how various things look in Prograph (method call, instantiation, get, etc) because I’ll be required to draw them!

15k at the end of December: failed attempt?

2005 December 25

Well, there are still some days before new year, and I strongly believe that if I concentrate a week fully on go, I’ll be able to attain 15k.

However, something else lurks around the corner: Final test. Focusing on go now will mean neglecting my test preparation. Just like in go, we can’t get all the things we want. Either choose one or the other.

In this case I’ll use a go proverb: “urgent points before big points.” This might seem contradictory because points determine the winner in go. However, what the proverb means is that “urgent points actually is bigger than what it looks”.

A concrete go example: Suppose it is my turn and I have two choice, strengthening my weak group or making a corner enclosure. Making a corner enclosure seems tempting. It is BIG. It clearly gives you corner territory which means points. I can do that and probably gain around 20 points. However my opponent can then attack my weak group and successfully kill it to gain a total of 40 points. So in this case strengthening my group is URGENT. If I fail to do it, I will lose more than what I gain.

In my case, leveling up to 15k is big (hey, for me it is a big accomplishment) while preparing for the test is urgent. You can image what will happen if I messed the test: retaking courses in next semester, and that’s a waste of time.

So, I’ll stop playing on KGS daily for now. I’ll resume it after the test. Of course that means I failed to achieve what I targeted – I’m now still 17k (just leveled down some days ago). Nobody to blame except for myself: after holiday my go study was sloppy for around a month. Still, a failed attempt is better than no target at all: When I made the target I was around 20k and now I’m 17k. I’ve definitely gained some stones.

Well, off to study Visual Programming now…

No more KGS on Bnet

2005 December 22

Bnet on Samirono sucks. I can’t connect to KGS. Seems like they recently put up a firewall. Well, the real alternative would be GSIC, but I had some horrible disconnects there :(.

Btw, I decided that I won’t visit osnews and Monologue daily. They’re just taking too much time. Once a week would be enough, probably on Saturday.

16k KGS

2005 December 19

I’m now a KGS-certified 16 kyu :). In the rank-deciding match, my group was actually dead but I managed to cut and attacked the opponent’s enclosing group. Chaos ensued and I emerged victorious.

1 more rank to go. 15k at the end of this month, possible???


2005 December 17

I am now a solid 17k KGS. Yes, solid as in “no question mark”.

My last opponent was a 20k. I gave him 2 stones since my previous rank was 18k?. He was neglectant, and I managed to kill 2 of his big groups. Not easily though, there was quite a fight involved. He resigned.

Well, I’ll just have to climb the ladder steadily now. Play and practice! 15k is in sight :)!

YIC article 2: Hati-hati saat pengisian dame

2005 December 12

My second go article inspired by positions that arise on YIC’s weekly meeting. The article is in Indonesia, and includes 4 problems (with answers).

Read it at:

Finishing this article sucked more time than what I had expected. It took me around 2 online hours!

Return to KGS

2005 December 10

To improve at something, I usually set a measurable goal. Some examples are “finish chapter 2 of my Calculus textbook” and “memorize all grade 2 kanji”.

In the case of go, my first goal was “reach the same level as my brother” (I got beaten badly by him when I first tried go). However, since I live far from my brother, I couldn’t play with him anytime. Thus I changed my goal to “beat igowin without handicap”, something that I could easily benchmark.

To reach the goal, I did all sorts of practices such as doing tsumego, reading go articles, and of course playing go and reviewing my games. It was a long and tough journey, but finally I finished the goal I set. By doing so I improved from someone who put stones randomly to someone who is a match for his brother.

Well, that was quite a long time ago. After that my go study routine stopped and I just played go casually.

However, around September I decided to improve again. The goal I set was reaching 15k on KGS by the end of 2005. On September I hit 19k and on October I reached 18k. However, mid semester holiday made me absent from KGS (and more generally from all go related studies). By the end of November my rank downgraded to 18k? (the question mark means that not enough games are played recently).

So, I’ve only got less than one month to fulfill my target. Although I’ve wasted so much time on holidays, I thought that I should still try my best. So, starting some days ago, I made a schedule to play on KGS daily. It would consist of 1 hour of free blitz game in the morning (when there are no classes), and 1 hour of rated game in the night. Of course I also scheduled all other sorts of go study activities like those mentioned before.

How did it went? I don’t know whether I was just lucky, but after just 2 days back on KGS my rank is now 16k? :). That means I only have to level up 1 more rank, and get rid of the annoying question mark of course. It seems that there is still some hope afterall…

Well, time for evening game…

Grade 2 kanji: half complete

2005 December 1

I’ve memorized the writing, at least 1 reading, and at least 1 meaning of 82 grade 2 kanji. Here are them:


There are 78 kanji remaining…